Project Description

Complex home care


If the state of health of a loved one is keeping you awake, if you are worried about whether older parents remember about regular drug use and doctor visits or are worried about their deepening dependence, comprehensive medical care is the right solution.

A professional team of specialists, consisting of a leading physician, specialist doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and a medical supervisor, will provide high quality treatment and care at home.

During the first visit, the care coordinator will establish the scope and intensity of care with you and the client. Together, you will establish an individual plan that takes all the patient’s needs into account. The coordinator will monitor the implementation of the plan and suggest its adaptation in the event of changing needs of the client.

In order to additionally provide the loved ones with a sense of security, the traditional model of care can be supplemented with innovative solutions in the field of telecare. The awareness that you can contact the Monitoring Center at any time, ensures comfort and positively influences the well-being of the elderly.