Project Description

Nursing services


Caring for the health and safety of our patients, we give you the opportunity to use home nursing services, home visits of specialist doctors, and medical caregivers.
The offer was created to meet the needs of patients requiring periodic, professional monitoring of their vital signs (temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory function assessment and measurement of saturation), blood glucose level, drip administration.

As part of the care, our staff with extensive nursing experience can help, among other things, in:

  • administration of drugs,
  • change of dressings
  • making injections / shots, inserting PVCs,
  • removal of stitches
  • catheterization, replacement of ostomy bags, hygiene of the tracheostomy tube
  • anti-decubitus prophylaxis and toilet of dependent people

To provide comprehensive care for relatives, we encourage you to supplement nursing care with professional support of medical caregivers and / or innovative solutions in the field of telecare.

Connecting a drip
Injection (intramuscular, subcutaneous, intravenous)
Dressing change
Removal of stitches
Post-hospital care
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